A while ago I was asked to do a pitch explaining to local entrepreneurs, creatives and other minded people what it exactly is that Fuelled has to offer. Which, as I quickly discovered, is a lot. In fact, it's so much, it was way too much to cram it in one presentation. So, with the help of Psytek we thought up an alternative approach.

We thought it'd be fun to do it in the way we all gave presentations at elementary school. Usually about hamsters, or....goldfish. Enter Fluffy:

“My name is Rick Donders and I'm having a presentation about my goldfish”

When I was younger this is how I (and everybody else) started their presentations. And what followed is something everybody else also used to do. Write something on the board, cut out some photo's and maybe let your mom or dad bring a real goldfish to school. And that would be about it.

A very well tried and tested method of giving classroom presentations. But I really doubt that after the 10th presentation about goldfish, anybody was interested in mine.


Although that was a long time ago, I'm often reminded of my presentation about Fluffy.

Especially when I look at the communication of companies. There's the ever decreasing print work, just everybody has his own website. Social Media such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are becoming more and more popular. All good ways of communicating to customers or other companies. But the content, like my cut-out picture of Fluffy is usually far from original.

With the techniques used at Fuelled even the sky isn't the limit anymore. Where 'traditional' media's such as video, or photography have limits - even with extensive software such as Photoshop or After Effects, the world of 3D has none. And because there are no limitations it enables me to think differently and offer different solutions to creative questions

“Even the sky isn't the limit anymore! - a very happy client”

These Idea's and techniques are sometimes even cheaper than solutions given by traditional media saving you money. A lot of the time they can save a lot of time. And in the end; it will look better than you ever imagined!

My ideas can be applied to any type of organisation, within every type of business. Large or small, from international entertainment agencies to little startups or companies with food processing machines. The projects themself can vary from product shots to explaining a complex process or maybe it just needs to be a very, very cool image.

Check out the animation I used below:


The possibilities are endless, and it can be as real as the world around you, or as fantastic as your wildest dreams. Curious what we might be able to do for you? Just give us a call or drop an email!

We love to hear from you!