Keep an eye out for the next update here at Fuelled. We've ordered the Development Kit of the Oculus Rift which will enable us to create virtual reality experiences. VR takes 3D animation one step further. Rather than watching at a screen it gives the user the illusion that he or she is _in_ the 3D animation, surrounded by a 3D world.


Cross Media

The 3D and 'real' world are increasingly overlapping. Printing a digital 3d file into a real life object migtht be the best example of that. Besides printing, Virtual Reality is a technique that's evolving at a fast pace as well.

Both techniques might amplify or complement one and another on different occasions. But 3D printing can still be a challenging process and, very costly in some cases. Or maybe even unfit as the solution for your problem. Because a virtual reality experience is still a digital solution, all those benefits remain. For instance; there a no physical limitations what so ever.


“So imagine walking around in your new furbished house before there's a single brick on the ground. Something that can not (yet) be achieved with 3D printing. Create a new rollercoaster and take a ride and experience the height and speed before a single weld has been placed.”

The possibilities are endless. We can even turn existing 3D animations or illustrations into a VR experience. Curious what we might be able to do for you? Just give us a call or drop an email!

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